Sleep disordered breathing in children is an under-appreciated public health problem.  It can have many causes and its effects can be far reaching, impacting many disciplines of health and wellness.

That’s why I-ARC was established as Canada’s first clinically based team for multi-disciplinary research and treatment innovation. By forming this multi-specialty collaboration between pediatric Otolaryngology, pediatric Respirology, and Sleep Medicine, Maxillofacial Radiology, Orthodontics, and Biomechanical Engineering, we hope to help children achieve better sleep, better health, and ultimately better living.

  1. New I-ARC Publication

    Validation of pharyngeal findings on sleep nasopharyngoscopy in children with snoring / sleep disordered breathing.

  2. New I-ARC Publication

    Adenoid hypertrophy in pediatric sleep disordered breathing & craniofacial growth: the emerging role of dentistry.

  3. I-ARC awarded AIHS Knowledge Translation grant

    Knowledge translation - or using new research findings to change clinical practice - is a significant challenge in health research.

  4. New I-ARC Publication

    Accuracy of diagnostic tests for adenoid hypertrophy: a systematic review

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